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Meet the world’s lightest electric jet system, engineered specifically to deliver unbeatable performance for small watercraft.


Researched and developed in New Zealand, our jet systems are specifically designed and tuned for an electric motor, which means unbeatable performance. Compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for tenders as small as 3 metres where traditional heavy combustion engines won’t cut it. It also means you have more space inside the boat and with no prop you can manoeuvre across shallow reef ecosystems and beach easily.

Our turnkey electric jet propulsion system is designed for easy installation into your desired tender or RIB and our full consultation process ensures ZeroJet is customised to your specific requirements.


The future is electric. Give your next tender the advantage of the ZeroJet system

Electric Jet System Diagram

Need a custom system for a larger tender?

We can fine tune: Power output, maximum speed, operational speed, the steering system, the reverse system, and battery options and configurations. Just get in touch.

Are you a boatbuilder interested in our electric jet system?