Electric jet tender showing jet system

Design Heavyweight

ZeroJet is the first jet propulsion system to be designed specifically for an electric motor, delivering the perfect balance of performance and runtime.


Designed and engineered in New Zealand.

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Environmentally Friendly

Because we love the water and the marine life beneath the surface. Our mission is to eliminate the need for combustion engines on small watercraft.


No pollution, no noise. Just you, the ocean, and a rechargeable battery.

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Beneficial to coral reefs
zerojet at eastern beach

Beachable, Wheelable

The super low profile of the jet system allows it to beach easily and skim over shallow reef ecosystems.


Optional drop-down wheels make for easy manoeuvring on the beach.

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No prop means one less hazard to think about, especially with children around.


No fossil fuels and the low profile jet system means the tender is safe for shallow reef ecosystems as well.

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zerojet safe
ZeroJet Tender at speed


The world’s lightest electric jet tender.

50% more propulsion than a conventional outboard motor of the same power level.


ZeroJet tenders can plane at as little as 10 knots.

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Easy and fun to drive.

Electric means more reliable and less maintenance. Plus just plug in to charge — easy, tidy, efficient.


Storage and handling is a breeze with no prop.

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No prop jet system